Positive Affirmations for Both Men & Woman

Have you ever caught yourself saying to yourself something like ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I don’t have enough energy to do anymore’, ‘I’ll never finish this’ and so on. These are typical comments from many people’s internal dialogue and they reflect the deep seated beliefs that they have about themselves which can be very limiting to the development of a person life.

For example, imagine trying to learn a new language when you have the inner belief of ‘I’m a slow learner’, despite your best efforts to learn a new language it is highly unlikely that you are going to be able to do so very easily. It is not your study technique; teacher or text book that needs changing it is your beliefs.

This is the point at which positive affirmations can play a role. By using positive affirmations you can reverse the negative beliefs that are preventing you from learning a language and thus remove them as a barrier completely and turn them into a strong point enabling your development.

In this case of the language learner we might use a few different positive affirmations such as:

“I am able to pick up new languages easily”

“I am a fast language learner”

“I can speak (insert language) fluently”

If you replaced your old limiting beliefs with these your progress would undoubtedly accelerate dramatically and it is not difficult to see why. Instead of wasting unnecessary time and energy battling against yourself you could focus 100% on the task at hand namely learning a language. Just take a look at what Mohammed Ali, he was forever saying ‘I am the greatest’ and most people would agree that is what he became!

Replacing Negative Beliefs

This of course is the crux of the entire matter. How exactly do you use this affirmation to replace your old beliefs. Well there are a few things you can do to first pave the way. First of all you have to acknowledge what the potential barriers are. In this situation it may be that at school you did not do very well in languages and so therefore have adopted this belief. If you can identify where this particular belief comes from you can really help to neutralize it.

For example, at school I found myself in lower level groups for learning French and German and left school without having particularly mastered either of these. This I believe has given me certain negative beliefs surrounding this area. Now, having thought this through I can now see that my motivation was very low at that time as regards learning a foreign language and I quite frankly didn’t see the point. I can see now that that is what was holding me back and not any lack of perceived ability to learn languages despite that being my belief. Knowing that now means that I can see how wrong my negative beliefs were, this then now opens me wide up to be able to accept some new affirmations regarding the subject which should be able to take root much more easily.

Sometimes you may not be able to track down the origins of the negative belief, we may not want to or you may not have any concrete beliefs in the particular area that you are focusing on. In such cases you may simply process with the process of re-educating yourself via the power of positive affirmations process.

What is the Positive Affirmation Process?

There is no magic formula but it has generally been found that positive affirmations replace negative beliefs fastest when:

  • They are repeated aloud daily with conviction
  • They are written down
  • They are said by looking yourself in the eye in a mirror
  • They are sung
  • They are written in the present tense (no, I will be’s!)

Putting aside a certain time slot per day or building it into your daily routine will help you to keep remembering to repeat the affirmations daily. Perhaps when you are showering or getting dressed, this means you are not taking anytime from your daily routine, it is a positive way to start the day and you will be in close proximity to a mirror.

How Long Will It Take To Change A Belief?

Well, that question depends on a variety of factors including:

  • How deeply entrenched the original belief is in the sub-conscious mind.
  • How open you are to change.
  • How much effort you put into the affirmation process.
  • The effectiveness of your affirmations.
  • The perceived ease of the achievement of the chosen affirmation
  • And a few more besides.

However, positive affirmations do work, especially if used consistently with passion on a regular daily basis. When the affirmation brings about a sense of uneasiness this generally indicates a high degree of resistance however rest assured with persistence, the belief can be changed.

How Can I Create My Own Positive Affirmations?

First of all identify the areas in your life that want to improve. Typically they are things like career, relationships, sports, health and so on but the only limit is your imagination. Then create a short sentence that emphasises the positive about how you would like your life to be.

For example if we were talking about careers:

“I have a wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling career.”

It is best to keep positive affirmations short and easy to memorize, as well as in the present tense.

Here are a few positive affirmations relating to money to give you an idea:

  • A lot of money will come to you.
  • Money flows to me freely, just like wind on my face.
  • I am worthy and deserve great sums of money and will use it to help myself, family and friends.
  • I am putting more loving energy into my work and this is providing me with a larger and larger income.
  • The more money I receive, the more money I have to provide to others.
  • Like a magnet I attract money.
  • Money is attracted to me.
  • My net worth will increase every day no matter what I do.
  • I learn and grow each and every day, which makes me more valuable to others.
  • Money circulates freely in my world and there is an abundance of it.
  • Every dollar I spend will enrich the economy and will come back to me multiplied.
  • I see money as a very useful tool.

A quick side note

“I am…”

The two most powerful words in the universe. A declaration to the world and universe of exactly who and what you are or what you intend to be. Curiously enough some claim they are also the first sounds in the universe, as repeated over and over again they produce an ‘ohm’ sound which is commonly associated by some religions as the first noise of good. Either way however the sentence beginning with I am has been associated with the power to create by many respected authors, religious zealots and mystics throughout the ages and has been known to form the back bone of beneficial positive affirmations. I highly recommend that you include it any positive affirmation you intend to use. I knew there was a reason why McDonalds chose their latest slogan ‘I’m loving it’.

Is There A Quicker Way?

Over recent years much research has gone into technologies which bypass the conscious mind which is where the uneasiness of a new challenging positive affirmation lays. Once by passed the positive affirmation can go directly into the accepting sub-conscious mind. The two most usual ways of achieving this are through subliminal audios and subliminal software. Subliminal audios are generally in the form of music which contains quiet positive affirmations in the background which cannot be consciously heard but are easily heard by the sub-conscious mind.

Subliminal software works by flashing up positive affirmations on your computer screen at a very fast speed which again means that the conscious mind is unable to observe it yet it can be taken in by the subconscious mind. I have personally have good experiences with these types of technology and these are inexpensive and readily available from various apps on both the apple or google stores.

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