Affirmations For Money

42 Affirmations For Money And Wealth

Here are some great positive affirmations for money and wealth. I suggest you read the positive affirmations guide first to get an idea of how best to use these affirmations for money. However as a quick guide choose a few (I prefer half a dozen) affirmations for wealth that ‘feel’ right to you, i.e. you don’t have too much of a mental block against these affirmations for wealth, this will mean that your sub-conscious mind is going to be able to accept the new belief (affirmation for money) more easily.

Repeat the affirmations for wealth aloud in front of a mirror boldly and confidently daily as if those affirmations were already true. In this way you can remodel your beliefs and bring about changes in your life from the inside out!

  1. I deserve money success and a very wealthy lifestyle
  2. I always notice new money making opportunities
  3. I take advantage of any new money making opportunity
  4. I am good with money
  5. I am making a lot of money
  6. I am rich
  7. I am highly driven and go all out to achieve my dreams
  8. I always take positive action towards my financial goals
  9. I have a burning desire to make lots of money
  10. I am comfortable with money
  11. I deserve to be a successful millionaire
  12. I am highly driven and go all out to achieve my dreams
  13. I enjoy and always take on challenges
  14. Money and wealth come naturally to me
  15. I live in a life of abundance and prosperity
  16. Money comes easily to me
  17. Every day I make more money
  18. I am wealthy
  19. I enjoy and thrive on taking calculated risks
  20. I deserve to be rich
  21. I am making a lot of money
  22. I am focused on making a lot of money
  23. I have a natural money consciousness
  24. I have achieved financial freedom
  25. I live in financial abundance
  26. Money is easy to make
  27. I have the mindset of a millionaire
  28. I am a millionaire and make very large amounts of money
  29. I deserve to be rich
  30. Money will have a positive influence on my life
  31. I am always looking for new ways to make money in my life
  32. I have natural money consciousness
  33. I deserve lots of money
  34. I know what to do to make money
  35. Money flows to me
  36. I enjoy making money
  37. I attract money!
  38. I can make tons of money
  39. Making money is easy
  40. I know how to make money
  41. I make money easily
  42. I am a money magnet

Thank you for reading our affirmations for money and wealth! It might be a good idea to bookmark this page so you can find these affirmations again easily!

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