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A informational website providing individuals and families resources to help manage their finances.

About Budget Gorilla

Budget Gorilla was created to help individuals and families manage their finances. Budget Gorilla provides information on how to save money, how to earn more money through a side gig or through a regular work from home job and we will also show on how to invest those savings to grow that net worth of yours. Finally, we also post some inspirational and entertaining articles on people who have made it financially.

About Perry Stevens

I started my career working in the investment banking industry in the late 90’s and lost a lot of money in the 2000 tech stock crash, in fact I was down about 60K because of investing with margin (borrowed money). I know crazy hey, even though I worked in investment banking!!

That’s when I decided that I better learn how to manage my money better. At this point I started my path of becoming a certified financial planner. Worked in the industry for 5 years, met and helped many great clients

Even though I no longer work as a financial planner, the education and the experience gained of working with all sorts of financial situations for clients has helped me get through two divorces, invest successfully to have enough money to clear my debt, buy a house and now work full time online through e-commerce and this blog.

I’ve built this blog to share my knowledge and to empower more individuals to build great money management processes and to live a budget (which is definitely achievable).

You may have loans to pay off, have a tendency to overspend, or just looking for options to earn extra income – we want you to know that Budget Gorilla is here to guide you on your path and help you get to grips with your money.

We’re going to help budget, save and give you options to earn more!

Consider Budget Gorilla your personal coach. We’re here to provide you with well informed articles on how to pay off your loans, start a side-hustle, be more frugal, or manage your money.

Legal Stuff

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Likewise, Budget Gorilla accepts no liability for any loss, damages or any other negative equity that may result from implementing part or all of the information on this website.

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